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Maqluba Al Sulaimaniyah Branch​

Maqluba Al Sulaimaniyah Branch​

Investor Name:
Maqluba 5, Al Sulaimaniyah branch​
Published Date:
January 1, 1970
Fit out work- Steel Structural -MEP work​
About Project

Maqluba is one of the famous restaurants in Riyadh, all main dishes are based on upside-down food. They recently won the prestigious award for “Best Local Restaurant” in Saudi Arabia, so we are pleased as Silver Foundation to participate in the design and implementation of the restaurant starting from the construction of the ceiling from the metal structure to the final finishes, which include floors, paints, ceilings, and wooden stairs, we also made a precise study of the restaurant’s kitchen from where the air conditioning, the withdrawal of odors, and the work of an elevator from the ground floor to the first floor with high specifications​. Our committed Saudi Arabian design-build team has experienced architects and commercial builders with a focus on the engineering, design, and building of high-end facilities. The team works internally under a single contract to maximise all project aspects, including timeframes and budgets.

There are four main steps in the restaurant design-build process:
1. Pre-Construction Planning
2. Designing
3. Construction
4. Post Construction Inspections

The process of creating a world-class restaurant begins with careful pre-construction planning. We make it easier for you and our construction team to work together, allowing you to outline and assess your project to reduce risks and improve its success.The plan outlines each team member’s duties and obligations and provides a detailed inventory of materials, permits, and other necessary documentation needs. You will get excellent project management during the pre-construction phase and a complete breakdown of how our restaurant construction team will handle every detail from beginning to end. The design process starts during the planning phase to get the materials and permits needed to create your restaurant. Our designers maintain safety and regulatory requirements throughout the design process by working closely with commercial construction engineers.The design stage gives you the chance to make your establishment uniquely yours. Hire us for our best construction services in Saudi Arabian restaurant design-build projects. Our committed group of architects and experts in commercial building is excellent at maximizing project outcomes, budgets, and schedules. We recognize your distinct vision through mindful pre-construction planning and customized designs, guaranteeing quality in every way.