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Cosmo Drive Through Coffee​

Cosmo Drive Through Coffee​

Investor Name:
Cosmo Drive Through coffee​
Published Date:
January 1, 1970
Full Design - Fit out work - MEP work​
About Project

Silver Foundation is pleased to design and implement the Cosmo Drive Through coffee​ in Al-Khobar, where our work includes tiles, ceilings and walls, and equipping the cladding counter with a canopy and hidden lighting to give a special facade to the place, in addition to electro mechanical engineering works.​

Cosmo Drive Through coffee​

Cosmo is a local innovative and fun coffee shop that focuses on creating a space that invites the younger generation to socialize and enjoy grea coffee & food in a creative artistic environment. It provides the following Products & Services

  3. ACAI

Our leading company has completed a remarkable feat with the design and execution of this drive-thru project. This endeavor was not merely about providing a conventional drive-thru experience but redefining the entire encounter. The interior design goes beyond the ordinary, eschewing traditional seating for a unique ambiance. We adorned the entryway and bathroom with exquisite tile flooring and stylish wallpaper and installed shelves to display plants, decorations, and Toast orders. The space exudes a modern and welcoming atmosphere, complemented by captivating landscaping.

Within the confines of the Cosmo Drive Through coffee​ in Al-Khobar, our focus extended beyond customer satisfaction to ensure an equally delightful experience for our team members. Unlike the enclosed and isolating environments in drive-thrus and commercial kitchens, we prioritized openness. Large windows represent a new space, offering views at the rear of a towering, wall-length window lighting the espresso bar. Even the kitchen flows in natural light through east-facing windows, creating a vibrant and healthier environment every morning. Remarkably, even during the final stages of construction, the space remained brilliantly illuminated before the installation of lights, emphasizing our commitment to an uplifting atmosphere. The Silver Foundation is delighted to build the Cosmo Drive Through Coffee creation. Our extensive interior fit-out work delivered the design and execution of different elements such as tiles, ceilings, and walls. We worked on the cladding counter, integrating a modern canopy and installing concealed lighting to impart an inviting facade to the establishment. Our skilled engineers have done electro-mechanical work to provide the best functionality.