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We offer the best Exterior Design Services in Saudi Arabia. We provide a range of expertise to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of building exteriors.

As providers of Top Exterior Design Services in the KSA, we specialize in transforming the outward appearance of buildings to achieve both aesthetic excellence and functional efficiency. Our services have a comprehensive approach to elevating the visual appeal of structures while ensuring they align with the client’s vision and meet local regulations.

Whether it’s architectural enhancements, landscaping, or graphic elements, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to creating stunning and well-planned exterior spaces. We leverage a combination of architectural expertise, 2D and 3D design capabilities, mapping, planning elevation, and graphics to deliver tailored solutions that enhance the overall exterior aesthetics of any project. Trust us to bring your vision to life and create exterior spaces that leave a lasting impression.

Silver Foundation | Exterior Design

Styles & Graphics Used in Our Professional Exterior Designing

Our exterior design has various styles and materials to achieve diverse aesthetics. Here are some popular styles and materials used in exterior design:

Modern / Contemporar

  • Clean lines, minimalistic features, and the use of modern materials like glass and steel.

Traditional / Classic

  • Embracing historical architectural elements, such as columns, arches, and intricate detailing.


  • Warm colors, stucco exteriors, and tiled roofs inspired by the coastal regions of Southern Europe.


  • Symmetrical facades, brick or wood exteriors, and prominent entryways


  • Emphasis on handcrafted details, overhanging eaves, and use of natural materials like wood.


  • A blend of modern and traditional elements, creating a balanced and timeless look.


  • Natural and weathered materials like stone and wood, with a focus on blending with the natural surroundings.


  • Incorporation of raw materials like exposed brick, steel, and concrete for an urban and practical feel.

Graphics Materials Digital Renderings

  • 2D and 3D computer-generated elevations & visualizations to showcase the proposed design.
Silver Foundation | Exterior Design
Silver Foundation | Exterior Design

Branding Elements

  • Incorporation of logos, signage, and color schemes that reflect the identity of the brand or property.

Custom Graphics

  • Tailored graphic elements such as murals, artwork, or patterns to enhance visual interest.

Lighting Design

  • Creative use of exterior lighting fixtures to highlight architectural features and create ambiance.

Landscaping Graphics

  • Plans and visual representations for landscaping elements, including plantings, hardscapes, and outdoor furniture.

Material Boards

  • Presentation boards display samples of materials, colors, and textures used in the exterior design.

Way finding Graphics

  • Signage and directional graphics for easy navigation within the exterior space.
Silver Foundation | Exterior Design

Designing Beyond Walls - Expressing the Beauty of Outdoor Spaces with Style

Here’s an overview of the key services and professionals involved in planned exterior design:


  • Architects are integral to the exterior design process. They create the overall concept and vision for the building, taking into consideration factors such as functionality, aesthetics, and environmental impact.

Graphics Specialists

  • Graphics specialists add a layer of creativity to the exterior design. They work on visual elements such as color schemes, textures, and branding, enhancing the overall visual impact of the building.


  • Urban planners contribute to the planned development of the surrounding areas, ensuring that the exterior design integrates with the broader environment. 

2D and 3D Designers

  • 2D and 3D designers decode architectural plans into visual representations. They use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create detailed drawings and three-dimensional models, allowing clients and architects to visualize the final look of the building.

Mapping and Planning Experts

  • Professionals skilled in mapping and planning contribute to the strategic placement of buildings within their surroundings. They consider factors such as site orientation, landscaping, and urban planning regulations to optimize the exterior design.

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