Key Qualities To Look For In A Reliable Contractor

Key Qualities To Look For In A Reliable Contractor

Construction is a delicate, exciting, and quality-driven job that requires perfection. Based on initial plans, drawings, and project management, a construction building comes onto the scene, and to make it as per the vision and initial plan, extreme work ethics are required. One key and critical part of any construction team is a contractor. A contractor can be any person who performs a hand job in a construction project. They can be fitters, assemblers, and repairers and their job descriptions are diverse in every regard. Quality work requires quality contractors and selecting one is also something that needs quality eyes and vision. 

The selection of a foolproof and excellent contractor, such as Silver Foundation, is something everyone needs. However, stakeholders cannot unquestioningly accept anyone without ensuring they meet certain criteria. Whereas some stakeholders and project managers make their portfolios and requirements that contractors must meet, it is also a collection of common standards and checkpoints that must be met. To ensure any stakeholder reading this article gets the right input and information they need, we have shortlisted some of the best and common contractor quality checkpoints that we feel must be met. 

Key Qualities of a Contractor

Contractors are wise and professional personnel who perform tedious tasks with perfection. However, there are always good and bad people who require the development of certain checkpoints for easy measurement of quality standards to be met. In essence, whenever a contractor has to be selected, stakeholders and investors look for a perfect candidate that fulfils certain criteria. The requirements are a set of checkpoints that are cross-verified through the evaluation of potential candidates. 


The first and foremost requirement for any contractor is that they should be licensed. Let us observe the background of this issue. Back in the day, there were no standard requirements for a contractor to begin practicing and taking up construction projects and orders. For this, loads of contractors flooded into the market. At best, this created an easy opportunity for investors to look out for such people who can work for their construction projects. The bad part of the story was that unprofessional contractors were selected, caused problems in projects, and some turned out to be fatal. As a countermeasure and for future prevention, many regions in the world have dedicated licenses that are issued to contractors. Hence, primarily, you must ask for license proof from any contractor that must be verified as well.

Transparency in Pricing

As a stakeholder and investor, the primary point of concern regarding the entire construction project is the pricing, budget, or costs that will be required to complete the whole project or the task that is associated with a contractor. Contractor firms need to be steadfast in providing the best and lowest possible price to investors and stakeholders that will tempt them to select them as contractors. If not, the stakeholders always have other choices and options. Apart from this, the stakeholders look for an extra bit of effort such as transparency in pricing. A good contractor will always break down the costs and provide every bit of detail before jumping to the final total. This provides investors with an actual picture of where the costs will be utilized in the entire project. 

Good Communication

Any person or firm that is upright in their words and communication style takes the edge over others, and it is pretty simple how you can do it being a contractor. Contractors have to be in touch with project managers and stakeholders regarding all activities at the site. They have to convey periodic updates to higher management regarding quality and development issues in a project and get the best possible solutions from them. For these and other matters, a project contractor must be open and transparent in their communications with all staff members, senior to juniors. This develops a good sense of understanding and a level of trust that goes along throughout the project for smooth and fine finishing. 

Work Guarantee

Good contractors not only have to speak well and give a good pricing structure but also be steadfast on the ground. A contractor has to work on the site in full force and ensure the project deadline is met. Not everything goes to plan but staying within the timeframe is necessary. One way to do so is by having a professional and active workforce that will give their full to complete tasks. For this, the top management in a contracting firm must be enthusiastic and optimistic by giving work guarantees to their stakeholders and investors. At best, this will offer investors a sense of relief that their preferred and hired contractor provides a deep understanding of the project and shows a profound commitment to timely completion. 

Appreciative Reviews

Contracting firms boastfully refer customers and clients that they have worked with that leave a resounding review of their work. Some contracting firms even go the extra mile and mention all the positives, but deep down, we all know that an honest review is what everyone loves to hear. For this, you must verify the reviews by contacting reviewers so you get to verify the actual response of customers. In essence, there is always a level of trust that you must have regarding every contractor. This is especially true when you are looking at their reviews on their website or social platforms. However, it is also imperative that you look for contractors with a maximum number of positive reviews. 

Project Description

Since you need the best and professionalism is what you are after, you must have contractors at your disposal who know how to get a job done. It is no good that you hire a professional contractor, and it is you who is providing them with minute details such as raw material sources, technicalities, and brand references to get the work done. A professional contractor is the one that has been given the ‘professional’ tag due to their understanding of their work and their ability to provide the final work and not someone that needs aid and assistance in every step. Professionals must be able to dig out ways and solutions to problems, items and goods, and backup sources. 

Signed Binding

A contractor is a professional that has to get work done professionally. And being a professional contractor, they have to take up responsibility for all types of work, from general to complex. But saying or conveying is one thing, and getting everything sorted and done legally is another. The simplest way to do anything legally is by getting a document in written form and having it signed by all parties. This ensures that everyone involved has been mentioned for their roles and responsibilities and their commitment to their part in the final image of the project. If a contractor feels reluctant to sign the responsibility binding, simply neglect them since they are not willing to work professionally, ethically, and with responsibility. 


Professional contractors have a good portfolio that allows their work to be recognized for major projects. Every contractor dreams of landing a big role and job, and this helps them to understand what the actual professional world looks like. However, the major benefit of a contractor’s portfolio comes for the stakeholders and investors that want to get an experienced contractor. Portfolios are a great way to provide people with what the contracting firm is capable of, their expertise, staff strength, major projects done, and their vision alongside mission and goals. Hence, the selection of a project contractor from searching portfolios is a practice that everyone can benefit from. 


“Projects may be complex and easy depending upon the work associated with them. Like every work must be done by a professional personnel or a team of personnel, project investors and stakeholders must get the right man for the right job. For this, every job and role is studied and a professional list of workers is created that can perform the jobs. Contractors are also such personnel that are shortlisted and then allotted related work. But their selection is the main criteria that need thorough understanding and judgement for which the above mentioned checkpoints are available. Silver Foundation and other top contractors will land perfectly within these checkpoints, which will help your project significantly. “

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a project contractor?

Project contractors are professional firms and personnel that can perform different tasks in a construction project. These tasks are often predefined. 

What is the priority of a quality contractor?

The priority of a quality contractor is that they should get themselves registered with a valid license that offers them legal status. 

How important is budget transparency?

Budget transparency is important since it allows investors and stakeholders of projects to identify cost breakdowns and have a broader picture of where the costs will be utilized during the project. 

How does a portfolio help an investor and stakeholder?

Professional contractors have a good portfolio that allows their work to be recognized for major projects. A contractor’s portfolio helps the stakeholders and investors who want to get a professional contractor.

Is a signed document necessary?

Contractors and stakeholders discuss various factors and they must agree on multiple things that must be signed by all parties to ensure a smooth working of the project.

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