Common HVAC Problems and How to Avoid Them

Common HVAC Problems and How to Avoid Them

Construction projects in Saudi Arabia vary in complexity due to different requirements. HVAC system design and installation is one of the core parts of any project to get executed. Every small- to large-scale construction project in the Middle East comprises MEP. The MEP project includes mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services and HVAC systems. Although the system installation is easy, there are several reasons your HVAC system might trouble you. The system might cause trouble in functioning due to multiple reasons that can decrease its efficiency and functionality. 

The purpose of an HVAC system is to keep your indoor environment comfortable for living. If it fails to do so, survival can be challenging. For this reason, Silver Foundation Company offers a great variety of HVAC maintenance services that will keep your HVAC system working perfectly. Through their services, you will achieve ease in the maintenance, repair, and reinstallation of the HVAC system to perform well. 

What is an HVAC System?

The HVAC system in any construction project expands to three branches: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. So, the system is about an entire heating and cooling system installed in commercial or residential buildings. Along with this, it maintains the overall quality of indoor air. Often, you require professional MEP contractors who have the experience to design and install the HVAC system for your project. However, with constant usage, the system might start malfunctioning, might not produce efficient output, or fail due to any reason. Then, you require professionals who can offer troubleshooting services and maintenance services to ensure the system again works smoothly. 


Heating is crucial to keeping the indoor temperature warm. With an HVAC system, you can have a centrally heated indoor environment. It results in keeping the indoor temperature warm no matter how cold it is outside. 


Ventilation refers to heating and air conditioning, but it incorporates the two systems. The purpose of ventilation is to maintain airflow through the system. Thus, it makes sure that the indoor air is fresh and clean by exchanging the indoor air with the outdoor air. 


Through air conditioning, cool air gets circulated in the indoor area. The temperature in Saudi Arabia is primarily high throughout the air, so an efficient air conditioning system is crucial to keep the indoor environment cool. 

When a system continuously works, it will likely malfunction or reduce its overall efficiency. Similarly, an HVAC system can cause trouble with functioning at any time. The problems caused by the HVAC system can reduce the efficiency of heating and cooling of the heaters and air conditioners. Besides this, you might hear strange noises from the system, indicating something has gone wrong with it. It can also affect the system’s ventilation by reducing the air quality. The best way to deal with the problem is to call for professionals to investigate the issues immediately. 

Inadequate Cooling or Heating

Thermostat issues will likely affect the efficiency of heating or air conditioning systems. The air conditioner or the heater doesn’t work efficiently and can make your living uncomfortable. The heater not heating properly or the air conditioner not producing enough cooling is a sign that something went wrong with the thermostat. Sometimes, a malfunctioning thermostat can also result in making a system work more than required. Thus, it tends to waste energy. If this happens, you must set the thermostat according to your desired preferences. You can manually change the thermostat setting.  You can shift to a programmable thermostat that works with smart technology. Such a thermostat can work with slight temperature changes and produce the desired change of setting. It will also optimize the consumption of electricity and prevent energy from wasting.

Uncleaned Air Filters

A very common problem that an HVAC system can encounter is uncleaned air filters. The purpose of air filters is to maintain the flow of air. Once the filters get blocked with dirt and dust, their working efficiency reduces. It results in poor air circulation and sometimes can cause overheating in the blower. You can examine the condition of the filter yourself and use DIYs to clean it regularly after one month or two. Also, you can hire maintenance services from the professionals. Our professionals can come to your place, open the air filters, and check their condition. If they find anything clogging the air filter, they can clean it. Otherwise, the second option is to replace the air filters. You can schedule maintenance appointments with these technicians and let them offer maintenance services. The clean air filters will promote the working capacity of air conditioners. 

Leakage in the HVAC Unit

Ignoring a slight leakage of the HVAC unit is easier than working on the depth of what caused the leakage. However, many HVAC systems produce leakage, which is minimal and ignorable. If you find excess leakage produced by the unit, then it is a sign to call for the professionals. Over time and over usage, the drain lines or condensate lines often get clogged and produce leakages.  After every month, you can check for the leakages manually and then share the condition of the leakage with the professionals. These professionals can then come and fix the leakage issue.

Insufficient Air Flow

If you feel that the air conditioner or even the heater is not producing sufficient airflow, then something is wrong with the system. You shall use household cleaning tools to clean the dust and dirt from the vents. Then, you shall move your examination to the coils of both condenser and evaporator. Using tools like a brush or cloth, you can clear off the debris on the coil. You can keep on monitoring the air vents and coils for debris accumulation. If you find it, immediately clear it off to prevent air from blocking. 

Beakers and Blown Fuses

Likely, the fuses often blow out due to the excessive functioning of the HVAC units. Along this, the breakers of the units also trip off occasionally. It can cause the AC or the heater to stop functioning. To avoid such a problem, you always require assistance from HVAC maintenance services. The professionals know the best rating for the fuse and breakers to prevent the HVAC system from tripping off. 

Strange Noises by HVAC Unit

A defective belt might produce screeching sounds; similarly, damaged motors, fan blades, or compressors will produce rattling sounds. We suggest you lubricate the HVAC unit parts so that these parts function smoothly and prevent friction. When friction is minimal, then such noises will also be minimized. Further, consultation with a professional team will also help you reduce the noise in the HVAC system. 

How do we avoid HVAC problems?

Well, regular maintenance is a core key to preventing the HVAC system from engaging in malfunctioning issues. We recommend that clients avail of our maintenance services at least annually. Our primary emphasis is to provide our maintenance services before the start and after the end of summer and winter season specifically.  Once you sign up for the maintenance and repair services for the HVAC system, you will feel relaxed.

The professionals are well-equipped with the latest equipment and tools for identifying and testing the HVAC units. They will come to your place and clean all the clogged vents, coils, ducts, and filters to ensure that the designed system works efficiently. Also, the cleaned and unclogged parts of the air conditioning and heating units offer maximum functionality output. They can calibrate the thermostats so that the thermostat works properly. Besides this, they will lubricate all the components that might not be functioning well due to friction and wear and tear. 

If you find any issue with the HVAC, then instead of delaying the matter and only adding the cost for repair, you shall immediately book an appointment with the HVAC professionals. They will investigate the components on time and then repair or replace them if necessary. Thus, you can identify these issues quickly before these issues become complicated. 


An ideal approach to prevent the common HVAC problems from appearing is to call for Silver Foundation Company. Their professional team will take care of the issues and offer the best maintenance services to repair the system. By signing up for professional maintenance services, you can avoid the risk of damage and reduced efficiency for your HVAC system installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the efficiency of the HVAC system be reduced over time?

Yes, its efficiency might reduce over time due to malfunctioning, defective, or damaged components in the system. 

After how long should I get the air filters replaced?

You shall replace the air filters after every month or two, depending on the condition of the air filter. It will increase the air quality. 

Should I sign up for annual maintenance services for HVAC?

Yearly maintenance services will prevent the issues from becoming permanent. Also, it will increase the lifespan of the installed HVAC system. 

Can I troubleshoot the HVAC problems myself?

You can identify the common issues and troubleshoot them; however, calling professionals for these services will prevent the problems from happening frequently.

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