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New offices for Trustangle

New offices for Trustangle

Investor Name:
Trustangle office​
Published Date:
January 1, 1970
Full Design - Fit out work - MEP work​
About Project

Trustangle is an IT Solutions Provider, established in 2014 in Riyadh, provides comprehensive solutions including: implementation, development, hosting, training, support and much more covering all industries. Their solutions include: POS, ERP systems, Hardware and Software Solutions, Retail & Hospitality Solutions, Integration Platform and more.​ Silver Foundation is pleased to redesign and implement the entire Trustangle workplace: remove ceilings and floors, redistribute the space, build new offices, carry out glass break work, build new toilets, and implement a relaxation space for employees with high-quality materials.

We are really proud of the amazing work that our team performed when designing and fitting this office interior. We stand out for our detailed and cooperative approach, which results in a beautiful space that perfectly complements the goals and values of our clients.We valued the client’s feedback and worked closely with them from the beginning to understand their needs and priorities. The office’s interior design, which included everything from modern furniture to color schemes, was planned to produce a visually beautiful and convenient area.

When decorating the office, we aimed to create a beautiful and helpful environment. First and foremost, it is evident that our design is consistent with the company’s identity by studying its brand and ethos. We prioritize creating a unified and inspiring space while considering ergonomic concerns when choosing colors and furnishings. We also paid close attention to the lighting design, using artificial and natural lighting sources to enhance the overall atmosphere. A warm and inspiring workplace also benefits from unique touches like artwork and plants. During the process, our dedication to attention to attribute was clear. The office’s layout was designed to maximize utility while presenting a beautiful balance between functionality and beauty. This systematic approach fosters a supportive and sufficient work atmosphere.